Sinja Stötzner

Sinja Stötzner Higbos Social Care

Sinja Stötzner

Co-founder of Jiamini CBO

Sinja Stötzner received her education at the University of Education Weingarten. After her graduation, she was offered a challenge to travel to Kenya on a voluntary mission. And that’s where her life took a different route and her philanthropic spirit was ignited. Sinja left her job, settled in Kenya and started Jiamini CBO to extend a hand of hope to the less fortunate orphans of Kenya.

“Travelling to Africa has changed my life completely. I’ve always asked myself whether I was meant to live in Africa. The desire and curiosity to explore other African countries grew every day.”

“When I first went to Kenya in 2014, I just planned on volunteering at the local school and travelling through the country. A few days in, I hung out so much with the children on the streets. Even without understanding speaking each other’s language, we found a way of communication. Just being with them touched my heart. Seeing children smile, seeing their grace and their faith in God and the future without even having a place to sleep or a warm meal. That made me think about how I can support them.
Today we successfully run a day care centre for orphans in the biggest slum in Thika, Kenya. The kids gave me a reason to work harder and to be more focused on what is important in life.”