Social Care

Collaboration with Jiamini

Since today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, Higbos aims to support the orphaned children of Kenya and help them believe in their ability to add a real change for their society. For that, Higbos teams up with Jiamini, a community based organization. Jiamini makes orphaned children of Kenya believe they can be successful members of their society, regardless of their background and gender by proceeding part of its profits for the safeguarding of vulnerable children of Kenya. Jiamini has established the Daycare Center for the children of Kenya to receive good education, best nutrition and health care there. Jiamini cares not only for the children, but also their parents in an attempt to encourage them for self-employment so they could be able to look after their children themselves.

Jaimini Organization with group of African kids
African adult getting a vaccine shot with group of people behind her

Get Involved

If u you want to get involved, you can support Jiamini in both Kenya and Germany. You can become creative yourself and raise money for Jiamini. For example, it would be possible to organize a cake sale, a clothing bazaar, a sports tune or much more. Jiamini also calls benevolent people to become godfathers and help provide children with three meals a day at just € 9 a month, ensuring school attendance and financing health care. This way, you will help relieve the parent or guardian, allow us to gain employment and build a financial foundation. You can also become a high school godfather to ensure children of Jiamini Family a good standard of education. Last but not least, everyone can volunteer and have the chance to be an active member of Jiamini organization.

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